420 Pokerz Now on Etsy & Amazon!


Stop using those paperclips, toothpicks, wooden dowels, hairpins, etc. and order from us today on Etsy or Amazon!

Specify Your Sea Glass 420 Pokerz on Etsy!

We are listing our individual Sea Glass 420 Pokerz on Etsy so you can choose.  We normally pick the best one available and ship it but some are better than others and we’re listing those on Etsy… along with the rest.  Shipping is pretty much the same so no worries! =)


The Ogre


Our Sea Glass 420 Pokerz are now Available on Etsy!

Calrissian’s Staff


Rebel Alliance



Holidays 420 Pokerz

420 Pokerz – 4 The Holidays


Well; it’s that time of year again friends!  Happy Holidays from 420 Pokerz!  This year; we’ve put together Red & White if you like simplicity but we also added some Green Sea Glass if you want a little extra holiday flare!


You can find us on Amazon or Etsy for all of 420 Pokerz needs!

Veterans Day 420 Pokerz


Happy Veterans Day from 420 Pokerz! 

We’re all about having the right 420 Pokerz for the right occasion to accent your smoking space appropriately.  Here’s a little Red, White, and Blue to add a little patriotic flare while you clean your smoking utensils.

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420 Pokerz are approximately 8″ long and are industrial strength to get that caked-on tar… off!  Stop wasting your time with paper clips, toothpicks, or whatever.  Class up your joint a little with a quality smoking utensil that will keep your piece and your hands clean!



IMG_9399 2

Sea Glass 420 Pokerz Now ON SALE!

Seaglass 420 Pokerz on sale!


Handmade with recycled Sea Glass and dipped in rubber for your protection.  These 420 Pokerz with Sea Glass are surprisingly Ergonomic and very cool aesthetically.  If you pride yourself on interesting smoking utensils, then these will be right up your alley.

Available on Amazon!