3X Dipped 420 Pokerz Now Available!



FUN WITH COLORS! 420 Pokerz just launched their Triple Dipped 420 Pokerz which are a tad stronger and contain all three primary colors.  They are on a 2 for 1 sale now through Amazon!

420 Pokerz are the best smoking utensils available for cleaning your bongs, pipes, and bubblers!  They are sturdy and will last you longer then any other pokers on the market… and they are more comfortable with the ergonomic shape and rubber coated handle.

Anything less is uncivilized!

420 Pokerz Since ’96


420 Pokerz were designed to keep your hands clean and get through all down-stems out there.  Existing pokers were never long enough to poke the resin all the way through the down-stem.  Paperclips are emergency tools only when you are on a business trip or something without your regular equipment.


420 Pokerz were designed to avoid all known issues with current pokers out there.  Our NASA like technology created the ergonomic rubber grip which allows for superior gripping.